XKY || What’ re the advantages of composite toe cap?

Compared with steel toe caps, the composite toe cap has the following advantages:

1. High weight ratio; When the strength is equal, the weight of the toe cap is about 50% of the steel toe cap (the average weight of each series is about 45g).
2. The product design has a high degree of freedom, which can make the appearance of uneven thickness and streamlined shape. The color can be mixed arbitrarily, and the finished product has a high surface finish.
3. Excellent anti-static, anti conductive, impact resistant, high and low temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant properties.
4. The product is made of thermosetting composite materials, which are non-toxic and in line with the trend of green environmental protection.

XKY What‘re the advantages of composite toe cap1

5. The toe cap is made of non-metallic material, which is non-conductive and has good insulation performance. It can pass the airport safety inspection.
6. The steel toe cap is obviously concave after impact, and 85% of the toe cap is restored to its original state after impact, with good recoverability.

Post time: Oct-11-2022