XKY|Why the protective shoes( safety footwear) become more and more popular in recent years?

With the trend of clothes fashion and street fashion, many fashion brands are gradually verifying the feasibility of "outdoors". At the same time, many brands that focus on outdoor equipment have successfully established themselves in the trend field through different degrees of transformation. Functionality and pragmatism have become more and more involved in the fashion field. From the initial labor protection shoes as a tool to protect the safety of the feet, they are now gradually integrated into the styling and matching, and many young players becoming fans. Today let’s take a look at why labor insurance shoes have become more and more popular in recent years?

safety footwear1
safety footwear

Speaking of labor protection shoes, in the early years, they were often labeled as "ugly", "weird", "clunky" and so on, because they did not conform to the current trend of aesthetics. The pursuit of security is constantly changing, and the awareness of safety is becoming stronger and stronger. With the production process of labor protection shoes is constantly upgraded and iterative, also the functional subdivision is more and more clear, therefore, the styles are also given fashionable elements, and the pursuit of fashionable labor protection shoes has become a trend.

Some people may think that labor insurance shoes are born for work, what does it have to do with fashion? With the change of people's taste in fashion and wear, the demand for fashion working wear is increasing day by day. Even front-line staff have the right to pursue fashion and beauty. Moreover, fashion labor protection shoes are not only a pair of versatile labor protection shoes for them but also a good pair of matching items for a nice date. Those who are really on the feet will understand the comfort that comes with the blessing of the shoe making process.

composite toe
safety footwear2
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Now labor protection shoes have been comprehensively improved not only from the appearance of the product, but also in terms of protective performance and practicality. First to break the "heavy" label, it weighs close to the weight of everyday leather shoes. For example, anti-impact  labor protection shoes, with XKY new aluminium toe cap, which is much lighter than steel or fiberglass material toe, high in strength, good for protection, anti-impact>200J, and is comfortable to wear. You will not feel bulky to wear in daily work. Secondly, the design principle of the toe cap conforms to the ergonomic engineering mechanics, which is comfortable to wear and has a more fit than ordinary labor protection shoes. Safety, lighter and fashion are loved by everyone.

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Post time: Sep-08-2022